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Payroll Funding ServiceS

Welcome to! We are part of Corporate Factoring Group and a gateway for temporary and contract placement staffing agencies that are seeking payroll funding services to access professional grade payroll funding solutions.

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Payroll Funding Services For Staffing

We offer a very competitive payroll funding service to temporary/contract placement staffing agencies nationwide in both United States and Canada under our a factoring product that is very competitive.

Our invoice and receivables factoring for staffing is flexible, if you are considering changing your existing factoring company or are experiencing financial difficulties or have been rejected by your bank for funding, we can still look at your situation with a number of options.

Funding Availability For Continued Growth

Our receivables funding range is high, in fact, we can fund any single client up to $35 million a month on their eligible accounts receivables, which allow for readily available funds for their continued growth.

And we understand that staffing agencies may work with several factoring companies in order to secure the best suited factoring / payroll funding facility, and that is why our team operates under a common goal which is structure the best possible deal that will meet the client's funding needs under terms and pricing that are very competitive. 

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